We created this business to give Auto enthusiasts the modifications they want at a good price.


We're serious about our business and our service which is why we keep our markups to a minimum. That's also part of the reason that our inventory is so specific. If we can carry only the most popular mods, we can keep our overhead down and pass the savings along. Our inventory will change as demand warrants to make sure we're supplying the parts you want. We have many years of experience with automobiles in this business, so we know most of the answers to your questions before you ask them. That's another thing that sets us apart... we're a car site designed by automobile enthusiast's, for automobile enthusiast's........It's been a winning combination in the past, and we plan to keep it one!!


As for our site, it has grown tremendously over the last several years. We have still kept our selection specific to a few car makes and models. We also promised that as we noticed demand for a specific car make and model, we would add those sections to the site.

We are growing to meet your needs and we will react to your wants which is why it's important to email us any part requests. We database these requests and use them to decide when new vendors are necessary as well as when we need to add new parts or entire new sections to the site.


We'd like to thank you now for your business, because it's that business that will allow us to grow and offer our customers the premier customer service and prices that they expect and deserve... so once again........